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Technical support

Consult our catalogue

The SIDEM catalogue is an absolute reference on the market for steering and suspension parts. It is a clear , easy-to-read, easy-to-use manual giving correct, updated information about our complete product range. An absolute must in every workshop.


Worldwide distribution

The fully automated distribution center in Belgium is the flagship of SIDEM. From here our parts are shipped fast, flexibly and correctly to more than 90 countries worldwide where our products find a sales market.

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Sidem solutions

SIDEM is more than eighty years of experience and know-how. The no-nonsense approach of a healthy family business with the ambition of a flourishing multinational. We are the oldest brand in chassis parts and proud of it. Proud of our rich past and looking ahead to a brilliant future.

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Hot news

Sidem mounting tools

Sidem does not only offers an extensive range of steering and suspension parts, but also a range of mounting tools.

We have mounting tools for ball joints. Our mounting tools are an aid to fasten ball joints in a steering knuckle or an arm. You can do this by squeezing, screwing or, in certain cases, knocking.

Not every brand has the same ball joints, that’s why different brands require different mounting tools. Sidem knows this and that’s why the company offers a whole range of specific mounting tools for specific brands.

With our mounting tools we try to make the life of the mechanics easier. At Sidem you can not only get your steering and suspension parts but also the mounting tools to install them easier.

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New mounting tools: set jam nuts

We have a new addition to our mounting tools range: sets of jam nuts.

Jam nuts are used on the tie rods to prevent the tie rod ends from loosening due to vibration. We created an easy to carry box with all common jam nuts, this is to ensure a clever repair.

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New lay-out Sidem catalogue update

We created a more user-friendly way to send our catalogue upgrade to our customers. In the past you had a link to each individual upgrade, now you have a link to all the upgrades. We are also including a link to an excel list that is easy to import. We like to make the life of Sidem users easier

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